Writer. Journalist. Lion.

Amy Lynn Tompkins

About Amy

She spent the first 20 or so years of her life wishing she could be a violinist, or a writer, or the first woman president. One of those dreams came true. One of those dreams was unceremoniously crushed by her own body. The last was rekindled November, 2016. 

Amy is a writer and journalist located in the Hudson Valley. She authors an advice column for School Leaders Now and often finds herself funnier than anyone else in the room thinks she is. 

Her interests include photography, video games, popular culture, mental health, yoga, independent music, and self-indulgent celebrity autobiographies.

She has specialized knowledge of public education systems, tourism in the greater New York City metropolitan area, life as a classically trained violinist, carpal and cubital tunnel syndromes, and how to live on so little money your college almost refuses to give you aide because you must be perpetrating a scam.

She holds degrees in paralegal studies and liberal studies with concentrations in English, business and psychology, as well as a degree in paralegal studies.


You may need me in your life if...

  • You need a writer who meets deadlines

  • You need someone who turns in clean copy

  • You're a small business and you need someone to help you build a Web site

  • You would love to see everything in the Hudson Valley that's worth seeing or you need to know which rest areas on I90 have the cleanest bathrooms

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